HART is helping bring life-saving oxygen to India

Emergency AIRLift Fund

Helping during an unprecedented situation

As the highly virulent B.1.617 strain of Covid-19 ravages India, the nation’s healthcare infrastructure has broken down, unable to supply beds, medicine and oxygen. Patients who should be hospitalized are sent home, where they often spread infection and die untreated. As of May 8, more than 400,000 new cases are reported every day, but testing is scarce and so the actual daily new infection rate is thought to be several million. 

Only 2% of India has been fully vaccinated and the reported daily death count in India has exceeded 4,000, more than any other nation during the history of the pandemic, while actual death rates are likely 5 to 10X higher than reported numbers.

About Hart emergency AIRLift fund

As the new B.1.617 strain of Covid-19 bears down upon India, the country is reporting its highest mortality rate ever. The reported daily death count in India is exceeding 4,000–higher than any other nation throughout the history of the pandemic. India’s healthcare infrastructure has broken down, unable to provide necessary medical supplies such as beds and medicine.  Most  critical, however, is India’s need for oxygen. Hospitals and doctors report having no oxygen, so sick people are sent home to die.

 Since May, the HART Emergency AIRLift Fund is providing oxygen to rural Indian hospitals and healthcare centers.  And we need your donation.

All donated funds will provide oxygen and medical support during this historically unprecedented situation.

Our Approach

A Robust Outreach Program​

HART is using a robust outreach program to identify partner organizations with regional roots and the capability to be most effective.  Our current outreach is in tandem with the Federation of Indian Physician Association (FIPA), and we are also partnering with the Vatsalya and Smilefamily nonprofits, who make vaccines more available and provide much-needed community health education in the rural areas of Rajasthan.